Paintings in public

A friend entered my paintings into a local Art Fair over Labor Day weekend. She believed in me early on, and she named, hung, and otherwise nudged me to get the work out there! It didn’t win, but no one laughed at it as far as I know!


My paintings in public, and I was there too

That led me to torture myself by setting up a booth at a local holiday craft festival. IN PUBLIC! Yup, I sold my paintings at a local festival, where I had to interact with people and answer questions, etc. — hard work for an introvert!! — but I made some sales! In fact, more than 50% of the people who stopped to look at the paintings bought one or more! Paid myself back some costs, and and still made enough money to splurge on a massage! The paintings are all about self-care, stress-relieving, practicing curiosity and joy — a massage fit that theme. I’m probably too agoraphobic and too introverted to do very many craft shows, but it was really incredible to get so much positive feedback. And I’m proud of myself for walking through fear. That always feels good in the end.

Friend Mary at the craft fair with my booth