All I need to know in life, I’ve learned from playing with paint….

things I’ve learned while playing with paint:

  • your first ones are often your best, because you have no expectations and you’re not trying to control the outcome
  • more colors are better, and all colors can go together if you don’t let one color dominate. The accents can be the highlight in chaos.
  • don’t rush. Or, accept the way it looks when you rush, because it will look different. You don’t get defined highlights when you don’t give the paint time to interact.
  • reflect/meditate/pray while you mix the paint. The repetitive nature of the mixing is perfect for slowing your brain. But stay in the moment, because overmixing gives muddy results.
  • prep your canvas for a smooth finished product, skip it for a rougher texture. Both have value, but be ready to accept the consequences of your choice.
  • “let’s see what happens when…” can be really really fun.
  • it’s rare that a failure is so bad that you can’t fix it in some way. Sometimes you just have to let it be what it’s going to be, regardless of what you meant it to be.
  • some of your favorite ones will get no love from others, but some of your least-favorite ones will be very popular! Show them all off.
  • everything looks different in a few hours, and even more so the next day.
  • a little alcohol brings much better results. Too much makes a mess.