I Play With Paint

Someone said to me, “What fills your bucket?”
My daily readings book reminded me, “You can’t give what you don’t have.”

The floor fell out from under me a few years ago. I lost my  my husband, my brother, my grandmother, my dog, my cat, and had big changes in where I lived and what I did for a living — all in less than 2 years.

I needed to find something to do to restore joy to my life. I did the grief work, I chopped wood and carried water. I took care of the family I had left. I earned a living. But I was coasting. Maintaining. Not living with any sense of appreciation or enjoyment for anything.

Enter painting. For fun. Just to play. Exploring different processes. “What happens if…..?” More than 100 canvasses of “hmmm, let’s try this!” (click on the links above or to the right to see available paintings)

I didn’t care if people liked them, I was just pouring paint on a canvas and enjoying the process.

But people did like them! And they bought them! (wha???) So I’m making this website to share my paintings with anyone who enjoys them. Look, study, just poke around. I’m having fun, and I want you to, also. Find what “playing with paint” is for you, or find one of mine that you want to have to remind you that the resilience of the human spirit is not enough — there has to be pleasure. If you find it in one of my paintings, cool. If not, find your process. Fill your bucket with what works for you.